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September 21, 2018 1:10 PM

Rainfall Amount Vary Greatly Across District - Affecting Groundwater Levels

Groundwater levels are still at record highs in many areas, and this is likely to continue in the District's coastal counties. Despite the lack of tropical storm activity, rainfall in the past 30 days has continued to be higher than normal along the Gulf coast.

Much of Levy county has received at least 3 inches of rainfall more than usual (a 125% departure from normal rainfall for the past 30 days). Some areas of southeastern Levy county have gotten more than 5 inches more than usual (150% higher than normal), as well as areas in Taylor county.

In contrast many areas in the northern part of the District rainfall having gotten less rain than normal for this time of year, especially in northern Columbia County, much of Hamilton, and eastern areas of Madison County. We expect that groundwater levels in these areas will begin to decline as a result.

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