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October 16, 2018 4:38 PM

Rainfall From Hurricane Michael

Since the passage of Hurricane Michael on October 10th, water levels in the Floridan Aquifer have once again begun to decline in many areas of the District. As of October 14th, water levels were above the 90th percentile in 24 out of the 90 wells (27%). This compares to 11% of this same set of wells that were at similarly high levels before the landfall of the hurricane west of our area.

While some areas in Taylor, Dixie, Lafayette and Madison counties received 3 inches of rain during the hurricane most of the Big Bend got much lower amounts. Most of the wells that continue to have high levels are in the counties that got high rainfall. Two notable exceptions are the well on the campus of the University of Florida and the USGS well near Bronson (see figure). Levels at both of these wells are still higher than they were in 1998, which was the time of the previous maximum for both wells.

TwoWellHydrographsOct2018 (002)
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