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RIVER Program Policy
Cooperative Funding Program Policy

  • The Board will give priority consideration to those projects designed to further the implementation of the District's core mission.
  • The Board will consider the applicant's efforts in developing and implementing best management practices.
  • Funding may be provided to assist with the cost of conservation, ecosystem restoration, alternative water supply, water resource development, and construction of associated capital projects.
  • Funding assistance will be contingent upon concurrent project action and commitment by the county, municipality, water supply authority, or other interested government entity to ensure the project goals will be implemented.
  • The Board will consider funding based on the applicant's ability to demonstrate that such funding is necessary to make the project economically feasible.
  • The cooperating entity must demonstrate any matching funds have been appropriated, are contained within a Capital Improvement Plan, or otherwise committed to the project.
  • Any state or federal appropriations or grant monies received by a county government, a municipality, or a water supply authority for a specific project shall be first applied toward the total cost of the cooperator's proposed project. The District will typically fund up to 50 percent of the remaining project costs with a similar match from the cooperator.
  • Pursuant to the provisions of Section 288.06561, F.S., the Board may reduce or waive requirements for matching funds when requested by rural counties or municipalities, as defined by Subsection 288.0656(1)(b), F.S.
  • All applications submitted for funding consideration by the Board must be signed by a single Senior Administrator acting as a coordinator for the RIVER Cooperative Funding Program for the county, municipality, water supply authority, or interested government entity. If an entity submits multiple applications, an overall ranking of the projects is required. Final decisions regarding the funding of the project proposals are the exclusive responsibility of the Board.

Download a PDF version of the program policy.
Download the REDI Guidelines (PDF, 67KB).