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Middle Suwannee River & Springs Restoration
The Middle Suwannee River and Springs Restoration and Aquifer Recharge Project is a partnership between the District, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Dixie County to provide hydrologic restoration activities in Dixie and Lafayette counties. The District began restoration efforts at Mallory Swamp several years ago after purchasing 31,000 acres within the swamp.

The Project (located in southeast Lafayette and northeast Dixie counties) builds upon the original Mallory Swamp restoration activities using similar methods. The work plan re-establishes natural drainage patterns by constructing and modifying hydraulic structures such as culverts, low-water crossings, and flashboard risers along the southeastern margin of Mallory Swamp; thereby optimizing available surface water for wetland hydration and groundwater recharge, which will enhance springs restoration.

Project Benefits
  • Restore natural hydrology
  • Rehydrate ponds and wetlands within the vicinity of Mallory Swamp
  • Recharge the aquifer up to an estimated 10 million gallons of water per day
  • Augment domestic and agricultural groundwater supplies in Lafayette and Dixie counties
  • Benefit spring flows along the Middle Suwannee River region

The project will be funded by $1.5 million from the Department of Environmental Protection; $277,000 from the District; and $75,000 from Dixie County.

  • Agreement Executed: January 12, 2013
  • Data Collection and Evaluation Phase: Complete
  • Engineering, Permitting, and Design Phase: Scheduled for completion by end of June 2015
  • Construction Phase: Expected completion by September 30, 2016

For more information, please contact Brian Kauffman, District project manager, at 386.362.1001, 1.800.226.1066 (FL only), or .