2020-2021 RIVER Submittals

The following project applications were received.  They are listed alphabetically by applicant name with abbreviated project descriptions .  Scopes and requested amounts may be adjusted during final review with applicants.
List of projects submitted for RIVER grant
Applicant Project Name Description Requested Amount Total Cost
Alachua Conservation Trust Santa Fe and New River Floodplain Protection Acquisition Purchase 133-acre property comprised of 2 parcels to permanently protect and manage the property to ensure its usefulness for flood protection, natural system conservation, and to contribute to the health of the Santa Fe and New Rivers.   $100,000

Alachua County Board of County Commissioners

Storm water pumps for emergency response

This project is to acquire up to two mobile stormwater pumps dedicated to responding to flooding both in Alachua County and in surrounding areas as needed through coordination with FDEM and the Alachua County Emergency Management Department.  $109,233

Bradford County

Alligator Creek - Water Quality Improvement / Trash Removal Project The use of a trash trap to improve the water quality of Alligator Creek and Edwards Bottomland Mitigation Area and to Lake Rowell and Lake Sampson.   $235,000

City of Archer

Water System Master Plan Improvements  The project will provide improvements to water tower 2 and a master plan for water line replacements.  $215,000

City of Lake City

SR47 Septic to Sewer Phase 2 Connector Extend approximately 3,300 feet of 8-inch gravity sewer mains and eight manholes to the Phase 2 service area of the SR 47/I-75 Wastewater Improvements Project.  $553,000

City of Lake City

SR47 Septic to Sewer RV Park Extension

Abandon 18 septic tanks at the Casey Jones RV Park, install 300 feet of 4-inch and 800 feet of 8-inch gravity sewer mains, 3 manholes, up to 6 grinder pump stations with associated piping and connect to the City's central sewer system currently under design.  $360,000

City of Newberry

Water & Sanitary Sewer Agricultural and Equestrian Center Extend sewer service to Alachua County Agricultural and Equestrian Center and remove existing septic systems.  $200,000

City of Starke

Starke Critical Water Loss Improvements The project replaces water main lines and  the altitude valve and other critical water valves and equipment on the water tower that are currently inoperable.    $280,000

Lafayette County

Lafayette County CR300, Roosevelt Area Flood Control Supplemental funding to complete the retention/percolation ponds for storage in extreme events.  $350,000

Live Oak

Railroad Avenue Drainage Improvements This project includes construction of several inlets and piping to convey runoff from the Railroad Avenue/US 90 intersection and the US 90 corridor to an existing City-owned stormwater management facility .  $494,428

Madison County

SE Old County Camp Road Stormwater Facility Obtain easements over 3 properties (78 Ac) to increase volume of pond and storage.  $100,000

Taylor Coastal Water and Sewer District

TCWSD System Loss Monitoring

The project proposes to install 4 neighborhood master meters during Phase 1 to monitor for system losses within the TCWSD water system.    $100,000

Town of Mayo

Stormwater Runoff Collection Enhancement - Town of Mayo This project seeks to acquire a 0.97 acre parcel within the Town of Mayo and survey, design, permit and construct a stormwater retention pond.    $112,000