Northeast Region

Recreation - Northeast Region

The area designated as the northeast region of the District's lands include portions of Madison, Lafayette and Gilchrist Counties and all of Hamilton, Suwannee, and Columbia counties. This region is bound by the Upper and Middle Suwannee, Alapaha, and Withlacoochee rivers. The rivers flow lazily toward the Gulf of Mexico through a maze of cypress trees and towering pines that line the steep river banks and high bluffs.

Within the tracts owned and managed by the District, the region offers opportunities to bicycle, fish, hike, horseback ride, hunt, and view wildlife. The Upper Suwannee and Withlacoochee rivers provide a wilderness-like paddling experience. A favorite pastime in the summer is to spring hop; the Suwannee has over 70 named springs with many found in the Middle Suwannee.

District lands are numbered and circled in blue on the map above. Select one of these numbers or their corresponding links in the table below for a description and map of each tract.

Tract Amenities

TractATVsBikingFishingHikingHorseback RidingHuntingPicnicingSwimmingWildlife Viewing
1. Sandlin BayNoneYesNoneYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
2. Falling Creek FallsNoneNoneNoneYesYesNoneYesNoneYes
3. Turner Bridge, RolineNoneYesYesYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
3. Cypress Creek South, Levings, HopewellNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
4. Hunter Creek, Belmont, Bay CreekNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
5. Little Creek, McAlpin LandingNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
6. Big ShoalsNoneYesYesYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
6. Falling Creek, Bell SpringsNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
7. White Springs, Little Shoals, Gar PondNoneYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
8. Big PineNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
8. Stephen FosterNoneYesNoneYesNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
9. Blue Sink, Rocky Creek, Swift CreekNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
10. Woods FerryNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
10. Jerry BranchNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
11. Mattair Springs, Camp BranchNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
12. Sugar CreekNoneYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
12. Suwannee SpringsNoneYesYesYesYesNoneYesYesYes
12. LinvilleNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
13. FoYes TrailNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
13. AllardtNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
14. Holton CreekNoneYesNoneYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
14. Trillium SlopesNoneNoneNoneYesNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
15. Falmouth SpringNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneYesYesYes
16. Ellaville, Black, Anderson, Mill CreekNoneYesYesYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
17. Dowling Park River Camp/ChristianNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
18. Allen Mill PondNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
19. Peacock SloughNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
20. OwensNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
20. Walker, Little RiverNoneYesYesYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
20. AdamsNoneYesNoneYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
21. Ruth SpringsNoneYesYesYesYesYesNoneNoneYes
21. Branford BendNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
22. AlapahoocheeNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
23. AvocaNoneNoneNoneYesNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
23. Jennings BluffNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
24. Tyree, OsteenNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
24. Alapaha BluffsNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
25. Withlacoochee HillsNoneNoneNoneYesNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
25. Sullivan, DeeseNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
26. Withlacoochee Quail FarmsNoneYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
27. Westwood West, Chitty Bend West/East, WithlacoocheeNoneYesYesYesYesNoneNoneNoneYes
27. Westwood East, NekoosaNoneNoneNoneYesNoneNoneNoneNoneYes

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