Water and Land Resources


Name Title Email Phone
Mirti, Tom Deputy Executive Director 386.362.0443
Flickinger, Pennie Business Resource Specialist III 386.647.3120

Office of Water Resources 

Name Title Email Phone
Velez, Darlene Water Resources Chief 386.647.3122
Blankenship, Alexandria Environmental Scientist II 386.647.3134
Woodward, Connie Data Manager 386.362.0422
Minno, Marc Water Resource Coordinator 386.647.3156
Baird, Fay Senior Hydrologist 386.362.0444

Office of Hydrologic Data Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Rodgers, Tara Hydro Data Chief 386.647.3108
Gaylord, Jamie Hydrologic Data Collection Specialist II 386.362.0419
Jones, Kevin Hydrologic Data Collection Specialist II 386.647.3165
Richardson, Henry Hydrologic Data Collection Specialist IV 386.647.3101
Robinson, Vince Hydrologic Data Collection Specialist III 386.647.3141
Staats, Dale Hydrologic Data Collection Specialist I 386.647.3147

Office of Land Management 

Name Title Email Phone
McKinstry, Bill Land Management Chief 386.647.3136
Steven, Carpenter Natural Resource Specialist II 386.362.0449
Gregor, Scott Sr. Natural Resource Specialist 386.647.3161
Irby, William "Wri" Land Management Specialist II 386.362.0442
McCook, Edwin Sr. Land Management Specialist 386.647.3106
Sims, Ryan Natural Resource Specialist I 386.647.3100

Office of Minimum Flows and Minimum Water Levels 

Name Title Email Phone
Good, John Chief Professional Engineer 386.647.3145
Notestein, Sky Sr. Project Manager 386.647.3116
McKinney, Robbie Environmental Scientist III 386.647.3104
Mantini, Louis Environmental Scientist IV 386.647.3144

Office of Water Supply 

Name Title Email Phone
Brown, Amy Water Supply Chief 386.647.3168
Durden, Douglas Sr. Engineer Scientist 386.362.0447
Ryan, Emily Water Supply Planner 386.647.3160