Water Resources Division


Office of Agriculture and Environmental Projects 

Name Title Email Phone
Marshall, Leroy Chief Professional Engineer 386.647.3124
Heeke, Bob Senior Project Manager 386.647.3166
Eskelin, Kristine Senior Project Manager 386.362.0446
Christian, David Professional Engineer 386.647.3112
Schmidt, Libby Project Manager 386.647.3162
Crain, Jonathan Project Manager 386-647-3158

Office of Water Resources 

Name Title Email Phone
Hetrick, Susanna Water Resources Office Chief 386-647-3122
Armstrong, Stephanie Environmental Scientist III 386.362.0440
Minno, Marc Water Resource Coordinator 386.647.3156
McKinney, Robbie Hydrologist IV 386.647.3104

Office of Minimum Flows and Minimum Water Levels 

Name Title Email Phone
King, Sean MFL Office Chief 386.647.3164
Good, John Sr. Professional Engineer 386.647.3145
Mantini, Louis Environmental Scientist IV 386.647.3144
Dinon, Chelsea Environmental Scientist II 386.362.0444
Durden, Douglas Sr. Engineer Scientist 386.362.0447

Office of Water Supply 

Name Title Email Phone
Ducker, Emily Water Supply Program Manager 386.647.3160