Permits & Rules


The E-Permitting site provides access to various services offered via the portal, such as submit a permit application, respond to requests on pending applications, view the status of an application, submit compliance data for a permit, submit renewal or modification, and much more.

Visit the E-Permitting website. 

Resource Regulation

Resource Management staff implements the District's Resource Regulation Program and its Quality Communities Program. Resource Regulation activities involve

Helpful Info for Environmental Resource Permitting and Works of the District Permitting:

District Rules

District rules and regulations are created and adopted in order to comply with Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code. Links to pertinent sections of the statutes and code are provided on the Rules & Statues page.

Our Mission

The mission of Resource Management is to protect and manage natural systems through effective service initiatives to support the public resource needs, ensure sustainable economic development, and improve quality of life.

Core Functions

Resource Management core functions consist of:

  • Public service
  • Quality communities
  • Resource development
  • Resource regulation

These core functions integrate the District values, the District mission, and the Resource Management mission

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