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Current River and Lake Levels

The District collects river and lake levels throughout the area. The monitoring stations collect data ever 1-2 hours, while the webpage updates at 35 minutes past the hour. Times are in Eastern Standard Time. Flood forecasts are issued by the National Weather Service for certain gages and are posted when available. 

The District also offers a 24-hour voice recording of current river levels. To reach the recording, call:

(386) 362-6626 

(800) 604-2272 (FL only)

Current Rainfall Data

Rainfall data is collected on an hourly basis and the page updates at 35 minutes after the hour. The table displays data from the past week and the times are stated in Eastern Standard Time. A 7-day total is also shown. 

Groundwater Levels

High groundwater levels can cause potential flooding. Groundwater data is shown on an interactive map that displays groundwater monitoring wells and graphics with the collected data. 

Flood Protection

Flood and Crest Predictions

Flood and crest predictions are issued by the National Weather Service. You can receive these via internet, phone or radio. 

Internet - National Weather Service North Florida Forecast

Phone - Call 904.741.4370, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Radio - VHF162.400 Mhz 

Do You Live In A Flood Zone?

Find out if you live in a flood zone by visiting the Flood Map Information and Report Tool. This tool provides maps containing flood hazard and other resource data from the counties in the Suwannee River Water Management District over the internet. Users of this application will be able to easily locate any parcel of interest and print custom maps showing flood hazard areas and other information.

This site is for informational purposes only and may not represent the most up-to-date data that is available. Please contact the District or the appropriate county for the latest information regarding flooding issues in your area. 

Flooding Information

More information regarding flooding can be found on our Flooding Information page. This page provides additional resources to road flooding and emergency assistance, help for homeowners, disaster assistance and more.

Weather Conditions

Stay up-to-date on Hurricane Dorian by viewing the National Hurricane Center website provided by the National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Track wind speeds, potential rainfall, arrival time and key messages from the storm.