Water Level Monitoring Project

You can help the Suwannee River Water Management District monitor water levels via text messaging. The District is supplementing our water level data collection efforts by asking for Citizen Scientists to help us at the following sites:

Wacissa River (WAC)
Peacock Spring (PEA)
Crosby Lake (CRO)
Hampton Lake (HAM)

If you spot the staff gage at one of these sites, please take a moment to text the station name abbrevation exactly as it appears and the measurement at the water's surface to (321) 765-3835. For the gage at Peacock Spring, for example, you might text PEA 2.60 with PEA being the station name abbreviation and 2.60 being the reading on the staff gage.  Typical charges for texting apply.

The information you send will contribute to our knowledge base and help us efficiently improve our understanding and management of the site.

Reading The Gage