Water Well Permit

Water Well Construction Permits

All water well construction must be permitted by the District.  Permits are issued to licensed water well contractors through the District’s E-permitting website.  Please view 40B-3, F.A.C. for the District’s water well construction rules.

Licensed Water Well Contractors

To find a licensed water well contractor in your area, please see our licensed water well contractor list.

Well Records and Completion Reports

Water well construction permits, and completion reports can be found with the District’s Water Well Depth Search tool. 

All well completion reports are filed under the landowner’s name at the time the well was drilled.  If you do not know the landowner name at the time the well was drilled, it may be determined from the county’s Property Appraiser website.  A complete list of the property appraiser websites for the District is below.

When utilizing the search tool, only complete the Township, Range, and Section (TRS) boxes so that no records are eliminated from the search.  The TRS may also be obtained from the Property Appraiser website.  If you do not know the specific well construction date, do not change the default from ‘No Date Range.’  Do not try to use the current address to search for the well record as addresses can change throughout time.

Making Sense of Your Search Results

The search will return a list of all wells drilled within the TRS you entered for the search.  One land section is approximately one square mile in size, so the search may return many wells.  Looking for the well owner’s name that owned the property when the well was drilled may be easier if you download the search results as an Excel spreadsheet.  More recent well construction records may be shown as attachments (blue links) in the last column of the search results.  Scanned images of older records are available by contacting the District and providing either the permit number or legacy number in your request.  Requests for the scanned images of multiple well completion reports may require the submittal of a formal public records request to the District, and there may be a fee for these requests.

Water Well Depth Search Tool