Minor Violations of Rule

As required by Section 120.695 of the Florida Statutes, the Suwannee River Water Management District (District) has designated minor violations of its rules that regulate a business, occupation, or profession; or regulate a person operating a business, occupation, or profession. A minor violation is one that, if not complied with, a notice of noncompliance must be the first enforcement action taken against the person or business subject to that regulation.

  • Within Chapter 40B-3, Florida Administrative Code (FAC), Rule 40B-3.037, FAC adopts by reference Chapter 62-531, FAC, Water Well Contractor Licensing Requirements, which regulates the licensing of Water Well Contractors.
  • Rule 62-531.450, FAC, Unlawful Acts, Grounds for Disciplinary Actions, and Penalties adopts and incorporates the Water Well Construction Disciplinary Guidelines and Citations Dictionary (Citations Dictionary), effective June 22, 2014.
  • The Citations Dictionary identifies citations and subsequent District rules within Chapter 40B-3, FAC, which are minor violations that result in penalties and points against a Water Well Contractor license. The following contained in the Citations Dictionary are considered to be minor violations for first offenses by Water Well Contractors:

Table of Minor Violations & Requirements

Citation Number (Violation)Applicable Rule(s)Requirement

Citation Number 8

62-531.380(2), FAC
40B-3037, FAC

Failure to display a contractor license number on both sides of each piece of drilling equipment owned, leased, or operated by the contractor.

Citation Number 18

62-531.420(2), FAC
40B-3.451(3), FAC

Failure to submit a permit application and permit fee within 10 days of issuing an oral emergency permit authorization.

Citation Number 26

40B-3.321(3), FAC

Failure to request an extension prior to expiration of a permit in the event construction, repair, or abandonment is not complete.

Citation Number 27

40B-3.341(1), FAC

Failure to provide accurate information when applying for a permit.

Citation Number 32

40B-3.411(1), FAC
40B-3.492(1)(c), FAC

Failure to submit a completion report within 30 days after well completion.

Citation Number 32

40B-3.492(1)(e), FAC

Failure to notify the Permitting Authority that work was not performed or completed within 30 days of the expiration of the permit.

Citation Number 33

40B-3.492(1)(d), FAC

Failure to file an accurate completion report.

Citation Number 33

40B-3.492(1)(d), FAC

Failure to submit a corrected completion report within the given timeframe as required by written notice.

Citation Number 34

40B-3.411(3), FAC

Failure to maintain a field log on-site during construction, repair or abandonment of a well.

Citation Number 35

40B-3.411(3), FAC

Failure to allow the Permitting Authority to inspect drilling records upon reasonable notice to the contractor.

Citation Number 84

40B-3.517(7), FAC

Failure to join telescoping casing with an appropriate overlap.