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*Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, the following application(s) have been received within the last 30 days. All applications under review not found below may be viewed in the E-Permitting website here

WOD 01/23/2024 247870-1 Luther/Marley Storage Shed Madison
Formal Wetland Determination 01/23/2024 203055-11 Deep Creek Phase 4 Columbia
WOD 01/23/2024 209016-13 Manatee Springs State Park Boardwalk Replacement Levy
WOD 01/23/2024 247867-1 Carrington RV Lafayette
General (Silvicultural) 01/24/2024 247872-1 Cedar Key Silvicultural System Levy
WOD 01/25/2024 247892-1 Byrley Dock Gilchrist
WOD 01/26/2024 247895-1 Eubanks Residence Columbia
Exemption 01/30/2024 213261-3 Air Liquide HSF Diborane Building Alachua
Exemption 01/30/2024 247926-1 Kuiper Pond Madison
Individual 01/30/2024 247929-1 San Felasco Preserve State Park Big Oak Access Project Alachua
Individual 01/31/2024 247937-1 Morlynn Subdivision Alachua
WOD 01/31/2024 247939-1 Cothran Residence & Seawall Dixie
Individual 02/01/2024 247949-1 Tanglewood Phase 1 Alachua
WOD 02/05/2024 247979-1 Orzech Residence Lafayette
Exemption 02/05/2024 247982-1 Jenkins Farms Levy
Individual 02/05/2024 247984-1 C-Store Lake City Columbia
Individual 02/05/2024 241324-2 Sandcastle Westmoreland Affordable Housing Bradford
Individual 02/06/2024 211024-2 Christ Community Church Phase 2 Alachua
General 02/08/2024 248006-1 Garcia Fill Madison
General 02/08/2024 248010-1 CR 49 Resurfacing Suwannee
Exemption 02/13/2024 206001-2 Cypress Lake Hills Subdivision Columbia
Exemption 02/15/2024 248058-1 Sower of the Seed Food Pantry, Inc. Taylor
Individual 02/19/2024 208065-9 Florida Gateway College STEM Building Columbia
WOD 02/21/2024 248100-1 Robinson Residence Dixie
WOD 02/21/2024 248104-1 Bennink Residence Dixie

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