Water Use Permit

*To schedule a pre-application meeting (recommended) please call the District at 386-362-1001, or contact resourcemanagement@srwmd.org

A water user shall obtain a permit if ANY of the following criteria are met:

  • Withdrawals from wells 8 inches or greater in diameter
  • Surface water withdrawals using a cumulative intake of 6 inches or greater in diameter
  • Withdrawals of 100,000 gallons or more per day
  • Withdrawals from facilities having a cumulative withdrawal capacity of 1,000,000 gallons or more per day
  • Withdrawals of any amount for beverage processing use

A complete reference to water use permitting rule can be found here.

All withdrawals or diversions which are greater than or equal to 1,000,000 gallons per day must be approved by the District’s Governing Board.

*To apply now, log-in to E-permitting and create a username and password.  All required forms are accessible within E-permitting.


Withdrawals and diversions of water for the following uses are exempt from water use permitting:

  • Water used for domestic purposes;
  • Dewatering activities that do not exceed a total of 180 days; and
  • Water withdrawn strictly for fire-fighting purposes

View Issued Permits

Water Use permits issued by this District may be viewed in the E-permitting system or may be viewed on the Florida Water Permits website.

Groundwater Modeling

The District utilizes groundwater modeling to evaluate local and regional impacts for individual withdrawals for every permit application.  The North Florida Model (version 2.0) groundwater model is currently being used by the District.  The modeling documentation and files for use are here.

Supplemental Irrigation Modeling

The GIS-Based Water Resources and Agricultural Permitting and Planning System (GWRAPPS) is used to determine supplemental irrigation demands for Agricultural water use.  The District calculates agricultural water needs based on a 1-in-10 year drought scenario, and allocates water on an average annual basis.  The model can be found at http://webapub.sjrwmd.com/agws10/gwrapps/.

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